Thinking back on it, I think I’ve known Anna for over 8 years now. Anna and I went to high school together and I have always envied her creativity, grace and fashion sense. The kindness and poise that emanates from her blog and various social outlets has often triggered my own creative soul (Also my inner chef. Hello, waffles for every meal! See: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner waffles). In fact, her courage to change, adapt and put herself out there was one of the many influences that made me want to start a blog myself. Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself and get to know her.

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Name: Anna Elizabeth

Age: Twenty-three

Define “home”: Home is where I’m with my man and our baby 4-year old, Chinese sharpei. I love our townhouse that we live in currently in the city but, I’m definitely not opposed to moving wherever Sam’s job takes us.

Your city: Baltimore City

What’s your day job? I am a loan closer and event coordinator at a mortgage company in Annapolis. I started as a part-time, executive assistant to the owner and I’ve worked my way up for the past 4 years. It’s not exactly a glamorous job but, it pays the bills and I enjoy the daily challenges. I feel like I’m always learning something new.

First thought when you wake up in the morning: It is way too early. Although once I’m awake, I’m glad to have the extra time to write and work on my personal, to-do list before I head into the office, I am not exactly a morning person.
The first five words that pop into your head right now are: Chai, bachelorette, Arby’s, Kanye, pajamas. My Monday night routine?

Who inspires you? Oh my gosh, so many people inspire me. I am constantly discovering new bloggers, photographers, and boss ladies through social media that inspire me every single day. One of my favorite bloggers at the moment has to be Taylor Morgan from Little Blonde Book. Her style is phenomenal and she’s one of those girls that can make Goodwill jorts the next cool-girl, fashion trend. Plus, she’s a successful mommy blogger (which is my ultimate, long-term goal).

What are you most likely to order on a brunch menu? I’ve been really feeling the sweets lately when we go to brunch so, probably a cast-iron cinnamon roll, or if we’re at Blue Moon, the Captain Crunch french toast for sure.

When did you start your career? I launched Anna Elizabeth Events a little over 3 years ago but, it has changed so drastically in those 3 years that I still feel like I’m brand new to this industry.
When did you know you wanted to enter the field of event styling? When I began applying for jobs in the event planning industry in my first year of college. I was way too young to be hired with any serious company, especially one where I actually enjoyed their aesthetic. Mainly, I would have to say that once I figured out my own style, it became a lot easier to see myself doing this for a living.

“Would you rather” or “Never have I ever”: I feel like “Never have I ever” escalates very quickly, no matter the crowd that you’re with. There’s always one person that makes things like, super awkward. P.S. – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably definitely you. “Would you rather” seems like more fun as an adult.

I never leave the house without… Nude lipstick, a water bottle, business cards, my house keys.

Cats or Dogs? Definitely dogs.

One 90’s trend you could never shake: I totally googled 90’s fashion trends just now because I couldn’t think of anything but chokers and I recommend that you do the same. Mood rings, rolled up sweatpants, men’s bleached hair, chain wallets, necklaces with your name on a grain of rice. You guys. I can’t. Who knew the 90’s was so fashion-forward? That being said, the only thing that I’d like to bring back is rollerblades because they are way too much fun to be forgotten.

The perfect date includes…? Indian food, a great movie, snuggles, and cold champagne.

Guilty pleasure: TRUFFLE FRIES. That’s a no brainer for me. We get take-out at least once a week from my favorite restaurant within walking distance from our home. It’s dangerous, to say the least.

Where would we find you on a day off? At the dog park with Oliver, wandering around antique stores by myself, or curled up on the couch reading a book next to Sam.

The song you can’t get out of your head/go-to karaoke song: I can definitely see myself rocking it out to Uptown Girl by Billy Joel in karaoke. The song that’s always stuck in my head though has to be Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.

What are you most proud of? In relation to my business, I am most proud of my recent styled photoshoot. It had always been a goal of mine to participate in one and I actually took it one step further and organized the entire thing by myself in less than a month. I am proud of the way that the photos turned out and how every detail came together. Doing this styled shoot really made me step outside of my comfort zone and force myself to be vulnerable to rejection (something I experienced over and over throughout the planning process). It also put me in touch with a ton of phenomenal people and brands that I otherwise would not have connected with. I think that it helped open the door for the next step with Anna Elizabeth Events.

One for good luck: What advice would you give others wanting to pursue a similar career? It’s okay to feel stupid or silly or unsure. I feel that almost every day pursuing this career. It’s okay if the only person reading your blog posts during the first year is your Mom (and she’s only pretending anyway). Keep going. If you enjoy doing this, don’t let anything stop you or slow you down. Also – don’t think that anything is permanent when you launch your business or blog. Your aesthetic will change, your voice will change, and your audience will change. Don’t be afraid to mold your business around what works best for you.

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