I’ve known Alex for a little over a year now, and she has quickly become one of my very best friends. We met at our first job out of college – running the CX team, prepping for events and manning the marketing squad. She is kind, successful, and has a great sense of humor. I knew she would be the best kickoff to these short interviews. So, here we go: 20 somethings about a successful “Twenty-Something”

1. Name: Alexandra – but I’ve been going by Alex since six years old

2. Age: Twenty-two

3. Define “home”: Home is where your Mom is (obviously), your child hood room and the place that evokes a feeling of comfort like no other…for me that is Toronto.

4. Your city: New York City

5. What’s your day job?: I work at a beauty startup called Onomie, where I wear many different hats.

6. First thought when you wake up in the morning: I typically find my Pomeranian Kenny curled up on the pillow next to me (sometimes even on his back, paws in the air) and think: I own the cutest living, breathing creature in the world and am so beyond lucky.
7. The first five words that pop into your head right now are: Plane, Pretzels, Captain-speaking, Solitaire, Kids (I’m currently on a flight going to Las Vegas for a big cosmetic convention)

8. Who inspires you?:  Authentic, hard working individuals with a zest for life. Some public figure examples that come to mind are Bethanny Frankel, Kris Jenner and Giuliana Rancic.

9. What are you most likely to order on a brunch menu?: I do not eat any dairy or eggs, so I’m typically am not out for brunch…sad, most un-New York tale.

10. When did you start your career?: I arrived in New York City at 17 years of age and was on the ground running with my first internship that same summer. Four years later, I was offered a full time role at my sixth and final internship and took off the day to graduate university. It’s been a non-stop ‘go, go, go’ ever since.
11. When did you know you wanted to enter the field of beauty?: When the personalities I encountered in fashion sent me running for the hills, I evaluated what really gets my engines going…and that was all things cosmetics.

12.“Would you rather” or “Never have I ever”: Would you rather 100%

13. I never leave the house without…: My keys. That has been an expensive 911-Locksmith mistake one too many times. Advice to all without a doorman: KeyMe app.

14.Cats or Dogs? Dogs — more specifically Pomeranians.

15. One 90’s trend you could never shake: Hmmm…when it comes to fashion, I am not really a decades kind of girl. Other than that, I will never be able to shake my love for Nintendo64 and Yohgi – he was my main man.

16.The perfect date includes…?: A delicious dinner with something chocolate for dessert, a basketball game and lots and lots of laughing (and maybe some cuddles).

17. Guilty pleasure: Celebrity news, but I don’t feel an ounce guilty about it.

18. Where would we find you on a day off?: Chelsea Piers with Kenny in the morning. SoHo in the afternoon.

19. The song you can’t get out of your head/go-to karaoke song: I have been to karaoke but have never actually participated, but if/when I do, I would want to sing to Don’t Mind by Kent Jones, mostly because I like the part where I feel all foreign and say “konichiwa”.
20. What are you most proud of?: The amount of balance I’ve managed to achieve. Life in NYC isn’t for the weak and finding a way to squeeze it all in takes being awake many of the available 24 hours.

One for good luck: What advice would you give others wanting to pursue a similar career? I don’t have specific beauty career advice, but in general I would say: work hard, be nice and only worry about yourself. The last portion being said in the most non-seflish way possible, more in a: don’t stick your nose in other people’s business or worry about what they are doing — it all ties back to the “be nice” statement.

Photo Cred: Cholé Crane-Leroux



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