Hi, I'm Abigail. Most call me Abbey, Abbs, or Ab (whichever you prefer). By day, I'm a Marketing Coordinator for Victoria's Secret Beauty and a Coffee Connoisseur. By night I'm a blogger, chef, reader, artist, movie buff, and make believe Ben & Jerry's taste tester. I love travel, adventure, and most importantly... dogs. I currently spend a lot of my free time exploring the city I live in, New York, but I'm a Maryland girl at heart.

Twenty-Something in the City is a visual and written guide to living as a twenty-something in New York. The blog was initially created as a creative outlet to document some of my favorite City moments, but it has quickly become a way for me to combine my passions for food, fun, and fashion all in one place.

After all, there are really only two constants in this world: reliable shoes and a good cheeseburger.